Airport agent


This course was elaborated and planned to train a qualified professional who will work in passenger services in national, international and / or auxiliary air transport service companies. Being able to act, also in tour operators and travel agent, mainly with regard to attendance to the public.

* Course objective : The objective of the course is to prepare and train professionals for the job market, providing a greater chance of employability and participation with the civil aviation industry. The student will identify and learn to apply the following procedures from flight attendance and passenger treatment aiming at safety, comfort and punctuality.

* Main topics to be covered and activities:
. Notions of Geography;
. Rules and Procedures;
. Travel documents;
. Special Passengers;
. Check-in service;
. Loading and unloading;
. Notions of the lost luggage sector (´LL`);
. Basics of booking and selling air tickets;
. Basic notions of the company ´back office`. aerial at the airport;
. Personal marketing;
. Job interview tips;
. General review;
. Assessment of Student performance.

* Prerequisites: Minimum age: 17 years;

Education: Complete high school or equivalent;

* Documentation required:
Copy of ID, CPF, proof of residence, 1 3X4 photos and copy of High School (declaration, History or Certificate).


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