Language Proficiency

Language proficiency required from pilots, involving operations with Brazilian civil aircraft on international flights.

With the objective of achieving greater security in radiotelephone communications between aircraft pilots, air traffic controllers and operators of aeronautical stations, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in its Annex 1, dictates rules and requirements regarding their language proficiency professionals.

In Brazil, an ICAO member country, the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the Civil Aviation Authority, is responsible for certifying the linguistic proficiency of pilots of airplanes, helicopters, vertical takeoff aircraft and airships, in air operations involving Brazilian civil aircraft. on international flights. In order for such pilots to prove their language proficiency, they must demonstrate the skills of speaking and understanding the English language, by submitting to the linguistic proficiency exam prepared by ANAC, the Santos Dumont English Assessment (SDEA)

ANAC promoted an extensive revision of the sector's legislation, including the criteria for the accreditation of legal entities to apply the language proficiency exam. The main legislation dealing with matters relating to language proficiency are the   RBAC nº 61 , IS nº 61-003 , RBAC nº 183 and IS nº 183-001 . RBACs nº 91, 121 , 129 and 135 also deal with the operators' responsibility. ANAC is responsible for organizing training courses for new language proficiency examiners, appointed by eligible legal entities, in accordance with the legislation in force. We recommend that interested parties follow the information on this page on this page.

The Santos Dumont English Assessment can be carried out at the accredited institutions listed below and requests must be made directly to the intended institution. Access information about the accreditation of legal entities to apply the Santos Dumont English Assessment.






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