PAIVA AVIATION offers an enriched learning environment that helps countless students to fulfill their dream of flying.


Founded in 2011 for the purpose of quality aerial education, PAIVA AVIATION has over 9 years of tradition and the satisfaction of hundreds of approvals.


In the search for an instructive and focused teaching, PAIVA AVIATION instructs its students to succeed in ANAC exams. Welcoming, friendly environment and where the student feels immersed in the world of aviation with a special treatment for their goals.


PAIVA AVIATION is also committed to some actions that it deems important for its position in relation to society. Supports access to the hearing impaired pilot course, having a specific course with accessibility for these students. Supports the October Pink and Blue November campaigns. In sports, it supports a Master swimming athlete in the Brazilian Championship. It does so because it considers interaction with the world essential and believes that small actions contribute and also stimulate other good attitudes.


Be part of the course that approves most in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us and be surprised by our service and our way of teaching.


PAIVA AVIATION is located in Rio de Janeiro / RJ and reflects the diverse origins and cultures of the region. We are very proud of our teachers and instructors, who are always eager to teach, create and grow together.


Contact us for additional information.

We are a family owned and operated business.



Address: Praça Ana Amélia, 9 - 11 ° Andar - Centro

Rio de Janeiro - 20020-040

Near Santos Dumont Airport

Whatsapp: (21) 97941-8117

We are a family owned and operated business.

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